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Mardi Gras 2018 is February 13, 2018!


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Mardi Gras News

February 06, 2018

While no Orleans Parish parades will be rescheduled because of weather, stay tuned for news about parades in Metairie, Mandeville and Slidell.

Wednesday Parade Preview

February 06, 2018

A big doubleheader on Wednesday night in uptown New Orleans opens the final week of the Carnival parade season. Both parades feature secret themes. Starting at 6:30 PM at Magazine and Jefferson, it’s the 18th annual Ancient Druids parade, which has the look of an old-line club. The Druids debuted in 1998 to fill an empty slot on the Tuesday parade calendar (later moving to Wednesday to give the NOPD two consecutive nights off). This unique club is made of members of other parading krewes who wished only to ride in a night parade and not deal with the traditional ball, queen, and court routine. The identity of the Arch Druid—the king—is never made public and his jester speaks for him at the Mayor’s toast at Gallier Hall. The parade features 18 floats, including some from the original Druids’ parades from the 1920s. The club presents 250 men dressed in priest-like robes. Signature throws include lighted flags, and lighted Druid “Wizard” hats. New this year is a special cutout doubloon shaped like an acorn. The U.S. Marine Band will lead the parade.

Parading behind the Ancient Druids is the Krewe of Nyx, the club that followed in the footsteps of Muses and proved that there was room for another female krewe that would parade mid-week at night in New Orleans. This year Nyx surpassed Endymion in size with 3,348 members and actually has more floats, a total of 88 if all tandems were disconnected into single units. Never has a krewe grown so quickly. Nyx riders wear costumes that display the club’s name. Krewe logo throws include their signature decorated purses, and purse-shaped doubloons available only from the captain and the officers. Look for the NOLA Nyxettes dance team and say hello to Queen Nyx VII, former TV personality Karen Bourie Greig. The Southern University Marching Band will perform in the parade.


February 03, 2018

The Krewe of Caesar has moved its parade to Sunday at 5:30 PM

Parade Preview

February 03, 2018

Adonis, one of only two parades left on the West Bank., travels through Orleans and Jefferson Parishes this morning at 11:45 with a small, 14-float parade entitled 20 Loving Years on the Westbank.

At 1PM St. Bernard Parish’s only krewe rides for the 13th time with the Knights of Nemesis. The parade does not have a theme but features 16 Blaine Kern floats and 260 male and female riders. Try to catch a Nemesis T-shirt.

At 1 PM a triple-header rolls along St. Charles Avenue, starting with the Krewe of Pontchartrain’s 43rd edition. The theme of the 15-float parade is What’s Filming in New Orleans? Parade goers must fill in the blanks on each float sign, which poses questions. The parade includes a band contest and the Bayou Clydesdales, and a mule-drawn wagon that showcases icons of local breweries of the past. Pontchartrain is a testament to the fact that a krewe does not have to be super in size to put on a good, solid parade. All riders wear their masks, are well behaved, and throw a lot considering the size of the parade.

Five years ago Choctaw moved from the West Bank to the uptown route and since then its membership has risen to 386. This year’s theme is Born on the Bayou. Unique throws include handcrafted ,wooden tomahawks, which are handed out.

The Krewe of Freret borrows its name from a successful club of the past and parades with the theme 5 Eaux Four. The 18-float parade will feature custom-made masks and other locally produced throws. The Legion of Mars now parades with Freret.

The 300 Knights of Sparta plan a 16-float parade entitled A Midsummer Knight’s Dream. The captain, his shadow, and an honor guard of officers will appear on horseback. The parade also features traditional flambeaux. For the first time the king’s float will be pulled by a team of Clydesdales. Note that the parades features a new starting time and location.

Pygmalion follows Sparta and presents a 20-float procession with the theme Secrets of the Sea. This will be the club’s 19th annual parade and features membership of 450 male and female members who will toss plush pigs and lighted medallions. Pygmalion is one of the most improved parades in Carnival.

In Metairie, the 500-member Krewe of Caesar, the largest all male Carnival organization in Jefferson Parish, presents a 24-float procession entitled Cartoon Rerun. This year’s most coveted throw will be new 18-inch plush parrots.

There are two parades in St. Tammany Parish tonight. The Mystic Krewe of Olympia parades in Covington for the 53rd time with 300 members on 21 Blaine Kern floats. The Budweiser Clydesdales will make a special appearance in the parade. A “Wounded Warrior” float will also be presented. This year’s theme is Olympia Stands with the Flag.

The Krewe of Titans parades for the eight time in Slidell with a procession entitled Where Y’at Nawlins? The club’s 385 men and women ride 16 floats and will throw personalized umbrellas. The krewe has moved its starting time to 5:30 to avoid the predicted rains.

Arthur Hardy’s Parade Preview # 1

February 01, 2018

This weekend’s schedule of 19 traditional parades in a four-parish area features more parades than are scheduled on Mardi Gras weekend. And that doesn’t include the Krewe of Cork walking parade on Friday, or the popular alternative parades of Petit Rex and Chewbacchus on Saturday, or Sunday’s Barkus dog parade and Tchefuncte’s boat parade.

The Krewe of Oshun starts it all off in New Orleans with its 22nd annual presentation entitled Feast on Festivals. Personalized collectible tossed by the club’s 300 members include handmade fans.

Following Oshun is the 45th annual Cleopatra procession entitled Cleopatra’s Animal Kingdom. This female club moved from the West Bank in 2013 and has a membership to 900. Say hello to the captain, who founded the club in 1972.

In Metairie Family Gras starts with entertainment by David Batiste and Decon John.

The 17th annual Excalibur procession rolls with 20 floats and the theme, A Knight on the Bayou. The signature collars and costumes, which the captain emeritus designed, are highlights of the parade. The club’s 275 men and women will hand out individually decorated wooden shields. Don’t look for the Krewe of Athena, which followed Excalibur the past three years. They have moved their parade to February 11.

In Mandeville at 7PM, the Krewe of Eve rolls with a 23-float procession entitled Once Upon a Time. Eve’s 400 members create unique krewe costumes by decorating sweatshirts. Try to catch the glitter apple medallion beads and the KOE plush snakes.

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